We proudly represent some of the strongest brands and companies in the world

Bonaventura Scandza represents many strong brands, ranging from major global producers to national niche companies.

We have a long-term cooperation with our partners. We have managed to become the preferred distribution company in the Nordics by delivering on our partners’ expectations.

Our goal is to act as a supplier’s regional office and be the main contact for all brand relations in the market. We are an efficient, rational, easy-to-work-with partner with passion and “drive”. We use our competence to create the best local brand strategy for every partner that we work with.

We sell products within a variety of categories, such as food, snacks, candy, health, personal care, OTC, detergents and children’s items. Within biscuits and confectionary we also own some strong brands. All our products are certified according EU regulations.

Become better acquainted with the brands we represent:

Reckitt mai 2021

UK-based Reckitt is home to the world's best loved and trusted hygiene, health and nutrition brands. The company has more than 40,000 employees worldwide and a net revenue of almost £14 bn in 2020.


Galieve is a chewable tablet that works against reflux (acid regurgitation and heartburn) and is available in pharamcies. Does not contain aluminium and can therefore be used during pregnancy.


The # 1 condom brand worldwide. The portfolio consists of condoms (with and without latex), lubricant and an orgasm gel that increases the woman’s sensitivity (Durex Intense orgasm gel).

Dettol logo


Since its establishment over 80 years ago, Dettol has been a leader in protecting against bacteria through better hygiene. Dettol protects families worldwide against disease.

Nurofen logo


Nurofen is an Ibuprofen-based effective pain relief for children available at pharmacies. It can be used to reduce fever, inflammation or mild to moderate pain such as headache and toothache.

Repsils logo


Repsils is the #1 throat lozenge in Norway with very high brand awareness. Availble in flavours Honey & Lemon, Fresh Mint and Strawberry (sugar-free).

Veet logo


Veet is a leader in chemical hair removal with cream, wax strips, hot wax and electric hair trimmer. Veet has products for normal skin, and sensitive skin based on natural ingredients.

Strefen logo


Strefen are anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) lozenges to combat throat pain. Provides quick relief and works for up to 3 hours. Available at pharmacies.

Unilever logo

Unilever is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of FMCG with products sold in over 190 countries and used by 2 billion consumers every day. The company has existed since the 1880s when Lever bros created Sunlight Soap. In 1930 the company merged with the Dutch Margarin Unie and formed Unilever.


A sensitive skin expert for 60 years and market leader. Simple contain no ingredients such as colorants, perfume or harsh chemicals that could upset your skin – and are PETA-certified cruelty free.



Our mouths deserve to be treated with a little more kindness. Meet Zendium: the toothpaste designed to nurture your mouth – not fight against it.


Murad creates products and experiences for healthier skin and happier lives, inspired by Dr. Murad’s lifelong commitment to science-backed wellness.


Semper believes that everyone has the right to great and natural food without additites. Semper products have been developed together with doctors and nutrition experts to make sure children and adults with special food and nutritional needs feel secure about the food they eat. Semper is a part of the Hero Group.


Corny is a market leader in cereal bars launched in 1984. It contains cereal with other delicious ingrediencies like chocolate, coconut and nuts. Perfect as an in-between meal snack or on-the-go.

Semper Nutrition

Semper has supplements for children with lactic acid bacteria. The range consists of Drops, Chewable Tablets and Liquid Replacement. There are a number of studies on the lactic acid bacterium used by Semper.

Semper Gluten free

Semper has a broad assortment offering variation and inspiring the enjoyment of food. Delivering the best and most tasty gluten free products is our ethos. Semper has been the first choice for coeliacs for over 25 years.



Organix is a children’s food brand established in 1992, leading the way in delicious, nutritious, organic food & snacks that little ones love and parents can rely on.

Bambino Mam

Bambino MAM offers everything a child needs for comfort, feeding and eating in its first three years. Bambino Mam puts the baby’s needs in the centre and makes it as easy, safe and comfortable as possible to eat, sleep and feel good.



For over 40 years, MAM has developed baby products that are unique in design and function. Parents are demanding and MAM is too. MAM supports the development of each child and make life easier for babies and parents.


Bambino’s core values ​​are function, simplicity and happiness in everyday life. Bambino offers functional and smart products that simplify food time for both children and parents.

Johnson & Johnson

For generations, Johnson & Johnson has delivered a wide range of quality consumer goods that families can trust. Their extensive research and knowledge leads to innovative ideas and products that help promote the health and well-being of people around the world.

Piz Buin

Piz Buin

PIZ BUIN has been providing sun care for over 70 years, helping everyone achieve the perfect balance between a beautiful tan and the protection they need.


The #​1 Dermatologist-recommended skin care brand. For healthy and beautiful skin

Vitamin Well

Vitamin Well AB is a Swedish company that develops and produces functional food and vitamin enriched beverages with a distinct function. Their biggest brands are Nocco, Barebells and Vitamin Well.



NOCCO is a tasty functional beverage developed by the Swedish health- and exercise oriented enterprise No Carbs Company in 2014. All NOCCO products are sugar-free.



Barebells believes in happy eating and healthy living. That’s why they offer a whole range of protein-enriched products – all equally Barebellicious.

Vitamin Well

Vitamin Well

Vitamin Well is a modern alternative to soda and juices. Each flavour contains vitamins and minerals with a distinct function. Perfect for health-conscious consumers who wants a tasty drink not compromising on ingredients.


Burton's Biscuit is home to the most iconic UK biscuit brands.

Lyons’ Biscuit

A biscuit icon that have brought families together ever since they were first baked back in 1938.


Classical biscuits from Burton’s Biscuit Company

Maryland Cookies

UKs first and favourite cookie

Mars Cookies

Mars is a family favourite, boasting some of the best-loved chocolate bars and confectionery brands. Burton’s Biscuit are proud to bake Bounty®, M&M’s® and Galaxy® Cookies.


A family business in the fourth generation with baking experience and love of baking since 1889. Bahlsen offer a large range where quality, sustainability and well-being have the highest priority.

Pick Up!

The Chocolate Biscuit Bar With Attitude! A delicious thick chocolate slab, sandwiched between two crisp biscuits. Individually wrapped and perfect for on the go occasions.

Leibniz Zoo

There is always fun and games with Leibniz Zoo. Each pack contains fun animal shapes made from the delicious original Leibniz biscuit recipe.


The Fun Sandwich Biscuit. Two golden-yellow delicate crispy biscuits sandwiched with a delicious cream layer. A popular classic that is a perfect treat for the entire family, at home or on the move.

JDO Artwork Document - CMYK (Print)

A leading supplier of premium chocolate, based on both traditional recipes and delicious combinations. Founded in Dublin in 1987.


Lir Chocolates have combined Baileys Original Cream Liqueur with the finest of chocolate ingredients to create the perfect indulgent range for the Baileys lover.

The Famous Grouse

This smooth truffle-filled milk chocolate with The Famous Grouse whiskey is the perfect taste experience!


The Guinness chocolate is a perfect treat for any Guinness and chocolate lover.

Valeo Confectionary

The leading British independent manufacturer of sugar confectionery and an international supplier of our branded products. Valeo holds years of heritage, traditional manufacturing and great flavors at the heart of their business and work around the clock to create the future of confectionery.


Classic British sweets since 1904. A world full of everyone’s favourite sweets, wine gums, liquorice allsorts, jelly babies and oh so much more.


The No.1 UK brand in high boil confectionary with over 100 years of heritage.

Scandza was established in 2007 with the purpose of offering iconic Scandinavian brands


Say hello to SØR, Norway’s freshest beer!


Based on tradition since 1890. Purveyor to The Royal Danish court since 1997, Bisca ships its famous Danish butter cookies to markets all over the world.

Karen Volf

With love of the craft since 1890, Karen Volf is number one on shelf stable baked goods in Scandinavia.


Synnøve manufactures and sells different varieties of yellow cheese, brown cheese and prim (a sweet brown cheese spread). We also source the best from international markets – and offer completely genuine Greek yogurt.



Bodylab is a sports nutrition and fit lifestyle brand, aiming to inspire and motivate consumers to lead a healthy and active life.

Berit Nordstrand


The Berit products are here to help people make healthy and plant based choices in everyday life.


Within biscuits and confectionary we own some strong local brands. All our products are certified according EU regulations.


CARL offers delicious truffles and pralines from Europe’s leading chocolate houses. CARL is an innovative brand with well-known seasonal items of Christmas gifts, chocolate boxes and Easter eggs.


GodBiten is a strong and well-known Swedish brand with several classic Swedish recepies of cakes, muffins and pastries.

Cracker Company

Cracker Company offers a range of delicious and crispy crackers and fruit biscuits. Put on your favorite topping or eat as an snack on the go.

Toffee Cups

Toffee Cups have been one of Royal Biscuit’s most known biscuits in Denmark since 2002. Delicious toffee filled biscuits half covered in a chocolate flavoured coating.


Cabico is the leading cake brand for the UK independent grocer. A range of high value cakes that offer taste and quality to all consumers. Cabico are continually developing their brand with exciting new products and ideas!

Royal Biscuit

Royal Biscuit has passionately delivered great tasting cakes and biscuits since its foundation in 1978. Our cakes and biscuits put a smile on the face on every consumer who tastes our products.

Other partners


Fantastic marmalade and jelly from Jacob´s in Denmark! Lots of good flavors with fresh favorites of fruits and berries.


BlueIron is an iron supplement unlike any other. Made with nordic blueberries picked in the wild, just one dose provides your full reccommended daily reference intake of iron (RI), which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and the normal function of the immune system.


Addeira’s mission is to improve the well-being of the individual. Addeira offers innovative self-care products, such as nasal spray, ear drops and products for bowel and digestive problems. All products are developed in close relation with the pharmacies, with an ambition of a sustainable production. Each product has its own unique reason to excist.


PrimaCat believes that every cat has the right to eat proper food. Primacat offers high quality cat meals that always contain plenty of meat and no wheat or added sugar.


PrimaDog’s mission is to give every dog ​​a happy and healthy life. PrimaDog offers meaty complete foods that meets all your dog’s nutritional needs. 


One of Poland’s leading cake and biscuit brands, Delisana Jaffa Cakes and Cookies are delicious and popular treats for all the family.

Agriform & Parmareggio

The largest Italian company in the world of PDO cheeses. They produce high quality signature cheeses such as Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Gorgonzola, Pecorino Romano, Mascarpone and more.


Fallini Formaggi produces some of the best Italian cheese and is the market leader in the production of dry grated cheese in Italy.

Hans Freitag

Consistent quality and value are core values of this popular family bakery in Germany. Bright and colourful packs containing both assorted biscuits and waffles.

Vast Bakery

An excellent range of great value Dutch cakes including Almond Fingers, Apple Rounds and Custard Cakes.


One of our longest partners, the wide range of Balconi cakes are very popular with families in the UK. Balconi cakes suit a variety of occasions from lunchboxes to desserts and are a vital must stock range for all shop owners.

Baked Earth

From a family bakery in Nottingham, Baked Earth Naans are a wonderful accompaniment to any Indian meal.


Valcolatte is a family business with a 100-year Mozzarella production tradition. Valcolatte celebrates Italian know-how, long standing family tradition and simple and good products.

Der Grüne Altenburger

Der Grüne Altenburger is a family business from the green heart of Germany. Their famous creamy and soft goat cheese products are produced according to traditional recipes and the fresh goat’s milk is sourced from regional farms.

Fratelli Pinna S.p.a

Fratelli Pinna S.p.a is Italian leading producer of Pecorino Romano.


Maitokolmio is a co-operative, which has operated for more than 110 years producing milk and other milk products with professional skill, competent personnel, and modern production methods.


Maitomaa is the 3rd biggest dairy business in Finland. Their focus is on environmentally friendly production starting from the farm all the way to packaging.

Vonk Culinary Cheese

Vonk Culinary Cheese is a cheese factory in Belgium, providing tailormade culinary cheese solutions.


Rücker is a family business of fourth generation. This German dairy is well-known for their naturally ripened strong cheese produced from the milk from the coastal farmers.


Madeta is a Czech company with more than 100 years of experience in dairy production. All Madeta products are free of artificial preservatives, colours and flavouring.


A plastic-free, vegan and biodegradable chewing gum. A kinder alternative for you and for our planet, with fantastic flavours.

Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman are made to an authentic French recipe with natural ingredients. We offer the range of Petites Tartlets with fruit velvety filling and chocolate caramel filling.


Tweek was founded in Sweden in 2017 with a mission to revolutionize the candy market with its candy made from natural flavours and colours! Join the candy revolution!



DentaKids is a Norwegian fluoride brand for children that works closely with dentists and experts in children’s oral and dental hygiene.

Breathe Right

Breathe Right® nasal strips are drug-free and clinically proven to instantly relieve nasal congestion.


Clinomyn is a toothpaste with a clinically proven stain removal formula. It removes tobacco, coffee and wine discoloration by using a unique cleaning system that contains Polynam.


The biggest Spanish manufacturer and distributor of sugar confectionery with more than 40 years’ expertise. Fini is the leading brand in Spain for gummies, marshmallows and licorice.


Zaini’s history of producing chocolate, candies, jams and similar goes back to 1913. The Zaini range consists of filled chocolate, licenced products, hard boiled candy and much more.


At Chocolaterie Vandenbulcke it’s important to let our customers enjoy tasty chocolates. Tasty, sustainable and responsible chocolate. That’s what we do it for!


Delafaille Chocolatier is specialised in the production and packaging of moulded and enrobed pralines, seashells and cocoa dusted truffles. The modern facility guarantees optimal quality connected to efficiency.


No matter the occasion, Schogetten will fulfil your every wish – piece by piece! A tempting variety of 100g packs in delicious classic flavors to unique Limited Editions and trendy Taste of the Year.

Mr Brownie

Rich, Moist & Fudgy Brownies. Always individually wrapped. NO transfat, corn syrup, GMO, palm oil, artificial colors or flavors. Mr. Brownie is married to Mrs. Muffins

De Las Heras

A family business founded in Spain in 1955 offering a wide range of quality magdalenas and minimuffins in several shapes sizes and flavours. A great treat at any time a day.

Royal Dansk

Royal Dansk was established in 1966, when the first carefully crafted, crisp and buttery cookies came out of an oven in the Danish village of Helsingoer. The brand is known affectionately as “The Blue Tin”.


ZPC FLIS Company has well-known and popular products of wafers and wafer rolls due to the mix of lovely crispy wafers and unique flavors.


Griesson produces sweet and savoury baked goods that is marketed worldwide. They offer biscuits, cookies, savoury snacks, cakes, chocolates, pralines, and sweets.

Twist & Drink

Discover the colourful Twist and Drink family and meet each of the friends. Twist and Drink is refreshing with a fruity taste and special characteristics. 85% mountain spring water, 100% taste.



Nuxe is one of France’s leading skincare brands. Based on exclusive flower and plant extracts, its products give you a natural luxury feel and complete skincare for the face and body.

Scholl logo


A leader in foot care, Scholl offers a variety of products to keep your feet fresh and healthy. Scholl makes it easy to maintain and care for your feet.